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It’s alive!

So you thought it was dead, huh. Au contraire, mon ami, things have just been busy. Go play they say.

So after visiting the italian convention AmberCon i Modena, done Fastaval in denmark and joined a bi-weekly gaming group at Olles place, I am quite worn out roleplaying-wise. Or maybe not. Perhaps I am teeming with ideas, inspiration and energy. Planning some shock-therapy here.

First of all, Mødregruppen (or The Mothers) will be put online, soon. If Dr. Wrigstad pulls through, it will be a simultaneous uk/dk release. Badehotellet, another of my personal favorites, is already online at alexandria in danish. I think people should play it. Its really fun. Playtested a forgesque Batman 60’ies game with the forementioned Olle-crew. Still needs work.

Oh, and met the grand old man of sweedish roleplaying (actually not so old) Tomas Ruzic. Tomas is one of the forefathers of sweedish freeform, had some interesting points of the importance of a well formed story. Not a big fan of the forge-games i presume.

Three events are on the horizon for you:A nice evening with the family is a larp/theatre hybrid inspired by Ibsen and Vinterberg among others. As far as I know it will be some kind of mashup of the various plays, at least characterwise. Being produced by the beautiful and equally talented Anna Westerling this will be the larp of the year. Even more so, Jeepers are also involved. The dates are August 17-19, 19-21, 21-23 and 23-25; the latter is for the international crowd, the rest are for those fluent in swedish. However, it might be sold out. Ropecon is the largest finnish roleplaying (and other geek-culture) convention. Around 3500-4000 people all dressed up in costumes, playing all kinds of games. Really an experience. ModCon in Italy. This is truly a pearl. Located in beautiful Modena, the weather is always nice, coffe is good and the food… you are standing in the pinnacle of the italian cuisine. And roleplaying of cause. The italians have opened up their borders, and are giving you, the international visitor, a unique chance to see whats going on below the Alps. The friendly Andrea Castellani (andrea.castellani[at]gmail.com) will able to guide you through the italian website (Hint: Add a uk-button, Andrea). Highly recommended. For a closer look at the intl programme look here click here 

So, if you need help, just call me or email me.

Immersion is boring for GMs

In a more or less recent post on Tobias’ blog, Tobias details some of his thoughts about gamemastering Baby Steps, Tobias’ most recent scenario.

Somewhere here, I also found time to game master Baby Steps together with Frederik with a journalist and Lordi biographer. The game was good, but IMHO a bit too immersed and thus a tad boring to game master. If I had realised the game was heading there earlier, I would have broken up the immersion and forced the players to rely more on the techniques toolbox (sitting/standing play, monologues, and insides and outsides) for immersion in the story rather than the characters.

And he is spot on. It was boring. I even had difficulty concentrating on what the players said (I was playing the therapist, so I had to focus on what was said). As we all know, immersion i s the holy grail of roleplaying – how do we handle it as game masters? I have seen (and experienced) this boredom before. The gamemaster is just watching the players unfold their intrigues, plotting and talking to each other. And what of the Forge-scene – is gamemastering boring here, also? Power to the players?Your thoughts, please.