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Immersion is boring for GMs

In a more or less recent post on Tobias’ blog, Tobias details some of his thoughts about gamemastering Baby Steps, Tobias’ most recent scenario.

Somewhere here, I also found time to game master Baby Steps together with Frederik with a journalist and Lordi biographer. The game was good, but IMHO a bit too immersed and thus a tad boring to game master. If I had realised the game was heading there earlier, I would have broken up the immersion and forced the players to rely more on the techniques toolbox (sitting/standing play, monologues, and insides and outsides) for immersion in the story rather than the characters.

And he is spot on. It was boring. I even had difficulty concentrating on what the players said (I was playing the therapist, so I had to focus on what was said). As we all know, immersion i s the holy grail of roleplaying – how do we handle it as game masters? I have seen (and experienced) this boredom before. The gamemaster is just watching the players unfold their intrigues, plotting and talking to each other. And what of the Forge-scene – is gamemastering boring here, also? Power to the players?Your thoughts, please.