The Jeep does Czech Republic

Brno, 5-7 September 2008

I will be giving the Czech Republic the Jeepform treatment 5-7 Sept. Highlights will include a presentation of Jeepform, The Upgrade, Doubt and drinking of quality czech beer. If you want to attend, contact It will be in english, I will speak slowly and articulate, so everyone will be able to follow. 

As the french say: Jeepform will blow votre minds.

Link: Court of Moravia

[update] Check out the rave reviews!

2 replies on “The Jeep does Czech Republic”

Hi and thank you 🙂 , it was really great experience and im looking forward to playing Upgrade! (and Doubt and other games) with my friends. Also im right now thinking about creating my own jeepform game 😉 so see ya and thanks once again.

Hey Tomas,

Yes I was great! I had a lot of fun and it was a pleasure meeting so many cool people – not only from the Czech Rep., but also from the Slovak Rep.

Next time we play your game!

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