A Late Telegram

So, last time was august. I’ll try to catch up on the last couple of months rpg-news for me.

First of all, I attended A Nice Evening with the family, which was a blast. The Jeepform techniques worked like a charm. Almost playing from a script was excellent. The players were very talented. One of the characters filmed the nights events and when we watched some of it the day after, it could just as easily have been a movie. Brilliant. Oh, and the location. And Sweden. And the gamemasters. And Anna Westerling. Talented, beautiful and full of health. Much love from here.

Secondly, Jonas, my wife and I attended the italian convention ModCon, which was a beast of a convention with almost 4000 guests, mostly playing boardgames, cardgames and the traditional tabletop D&D game. Of cause there was the Flying Circus of italian Donkeys who made the entire stay worthwhile. They are the freeforming aspect of italian roleplaying. Their english is not as bad as they themselves think and their games differ slightly from the standard freeform experience. I think I prefer the smaller scale Ambercon, which is more focused on Freeform gaming.

Thirdly, there was Viking-Con, which is the old old convention in Denmark. The visit was a first real visit. A very conventional thinking convention, although it changed a lot this year. There was a bar selling quality beer, it had a Jeepform game on the programe and Jason Morningstar was the guest of honor. Jason was a lot of fun, but I realised that the american roleplayers do not, I repeat, do not, play the same way as we do in scandinavia. More on this later as I get reports from Tobias Wrigstad who is taking on the entire continent of America!

Also, the news are reporting of an upcoming czech translation of Lady and Otto and an italian version of The Mothers. This is great and Im really honored.

Lastly, and a more personal note, I got married, bought a car, got a new apartment, restarted my master thesis (again) and moving to Zürich in Switzerland (in january). So if anyone know anything of the Swiss rpg, I would be very interested.

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Hi Matthijs,

I am writing a longer essay about this, in the meantime try to give this podcast a listen. I am being interviewed by Per Fischer on exact this topic.

“american roleplayers do not, I repeat, do not, play the same way as we do in scandinavia”

– tell me more about this!

So I listened to the podcast. (First time I’ve ever listened to an entire podcast – took me four days 😉 I heard you describe how Jason explained his game – but I was expecting more references to real people in concrete situations. The discussion of U. S. gaming centered more around design philosophies and written texts, as far as I could hear. There’s little doubt that they design games differently than you do, for instance, but I’m not sure how that translates into real-life play situations.

It’s cool that Jeepform is getting a lot of international love these days, and the Italians seem to be very ready for international impulses.

In Norway there seems to be a movement towards, I don’t know what to call it, semi-immersionist collective storytelling? Games that assume that players are capable of storytelling and cooperation, that we know what a good story is. You should check out some of the games at Nørwegian Style, they’re pretty representative of an emerging trend.

Yes, Jeepform is really gathering momentum these days. With Tobias evangelising in the states and me moving to the center of europe, nothing can stop us :-).

The Nørwegian Style site just rocked my day. I’ll have a closer look at the games (a lot!!!) one of these days. Tell more people.

Getting back to the us-sc debate, the real problem is exactly that: Lack of empirical evidence. Only a few people that I know of have actually played with americans. But, based on my limited knowledge of US gaming culture, it seems as if there is a difference in play-style or play-preference. Why is Jason Morningstar surprised of our play-style (listen here)?

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