A Nice Evening With the Family [Larp]

Just got the game materials today for the swedish/international larp A Nice Evening With the Family. Oh, man. This is soo cool. A Litterary Compendium (consisting of the various plays except one), a text describing the game itself and a nicely written invitation to Helges 60th birthday (the setting from the dogma movie “The Celebration”[dk:Festen] by Thomas Vinterberg).

I’m attending the international session starting 23 aug. One thing really struck me while reading: These guys are really serious and are really trying hard to help us, the players, to get into character, to explore our characters narrative potential as well as experimenting with advanced playing techniques most common in (Jeep-esqe) freeform games.Of course I’m playing one of the bad guys. Luckily not as bad as Francescos (ita) who REALLY drew the longest straw, badguy-wise.So, who will I be seeing there? I’m taking names.

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