Its official: New game in the works

I just got an email from the persons in charge of the roleplaying games at everyones favorite convention in Denmark, Fastaval, that my next game is accepted into the programe.The game will be a short story called “Mødregruppen” or “The Mothers’ group”. The game is based on true stories from real mothers’ groups. Its a horror-story, but in a new way – ‘nu horror’ as I have coined it (well, actually it was johs). Nu horror is about real people with real and recognisable emotions in the real word. By lowering the threshold of what constitutes horror, even the slightest movement in an unpleasant direction, will invoke ‘that horror feeling’.Well, we’ll see if it works

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Sounds really cool. Will it be availible online for those of us who can’t make it to danish cons?

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