The Campaign Trail: Bratislava

The wonderful thing about the recurring larp conference, Knudepunkt, is the opportunity to meet roleplayers from almost all of the world. A couple of years ago, I housed a small group of Czechs and last year they returned the favor. I was invited to talk about jeepform and play some games with them in Brno. […]

The Jeep does Czech Republic

Brno, 5-7 September 2008 I will be giving the Czech Republic the Jeepform treatment 5-7 Sept. Highlights will include a presentation of Jeepform, The Upgrade, Doubt and drinking of quality czech beer. If you want to attend, contact It will be in english, I will speak slowly and articulate, so everyone will be able to […]

Convention pre-report: Fastaval 2008, Denmark

As some of you might already know, the premier danish freeform[1] convention, Fastaval, is just days from happening [during the easter holidays]. I’ve been a regular for the last 11 years both as a player, gamemaster and writer of cool games. Fastaval is really unique. First of all, all games are written for the convention, […]

A Late Telegram

So, last time was august. I’ll try to catch up on the last couple of months rpg-news for me. First of all, I attended A Nice Evening with the family, which was a blast. The Jeepform techniques worked like a charm. Almost playing from a script was excellent. The players were very talented. One of […]